Taxi Web

What is:

It ‘s an innovative system that expand the services offered to our customers.
The Taxi Web is a  simple, fast and intuitive on-line service to call the taxi through the Internet, allowing you to call a taxi  with a simple click of the mouse.
Available to all customers.

Now to call a taxi is easy and convenient.  Simply accessing to our website you can call the taxi from your PC.
The new system provides access to radiotaxi in case of malfunction of our phone lines, avoiding troublesome queues at the telephone and also it eliminates the cost of the call.

How To:
Using a computer connected to the web you’ll enter into a web page from which you can make the request.
You must not install any software on your PC!

How to apply:
The service is requested by contact us.

The service, using the internet, is totally free.