How to identify a Taxi

beware of illegal taxi

All our taxi respect the rules of taxi [1] which states that:

The Taxi is white:
Taxis in Italy since 1996 must be white.

The Taximeter:
The taxi have to have a taximeter approved, place in position visible to the customer and sealed by the municipal official.
The taximeter shall be operated with every stroke.

White with red lettering; The taxi must have a badge on the rear and inside the vehicle, stating:
• the unique number of the license issued by the City
• the words “public service”, the emblem and the name of the municipality that issued the license

Light with the word TAXI:
The taxi must have an illuminated sign on the roof, bearing the words “TAXI”

The taxi must have on board the tariff available to customers, in a clearly visible position.

Identify Radiotaxi:
Moreover, all our taxis have a sticker on the front fender of the taxi, stating:
• Sign of the taxi, formed from the name of an Italian city and a number (eg. PADOVA 15)
• The logo of the Cooperative Radiotaxi of Padua and the number 049 651 333


[1] Law No. 21 of 15 January 1992 “Framework Law for the transport of persons by means of non-scheduled public bus services,” Regional Law No. 22 of 30 July 1996 “Rules for the exercise of administrative functions in the field of service non-liner transportation by land, “the City of Venice,” Municipal regulations for the operation of non-scheduled public bus services and car rental with driver per car “